Professional Installation:

Feel free to contact our friendly staff about hassle free installation. We will recommend one of our areas highly certified installers.



Turf can be installed throughout the growing season.  Kentucky Bluegrass establishes easily during the Spring & Fall, when the weather is cool.  During this time it is easier to keep the soil more evenly moist.  During the summer months as heat and winds increase, more care is required.  Careful management during this time will produce excellent results.



1. Top soil should be a minimum of 1″ thick.

-Ideally top soil should be 6″ thick, however if it is not possible 1″ will work fine. Add organic matter (if needed) such as compost or peat to improve your soil and water holding qualities.

2. Till and level to a smooth surface.

-Remove any debris that has surfaced during tilling.  Water thoroughly to settle the soil.

3. Re-level the surface.

-Remove any low areas that might hold water in the future.

4. Apply a starter fertilizer.

High in phosphorus not to exceed more than 1 lb. per 100 sq. ft.

5. Soil should be moist.

-Not soggy or muddy before installation.



1. Lay the first row.

-Start with the longest straight line of your yard. Even if it is a circle start with a straight line through the center. Make sure edges are tightly tucked next to each other and there are no air pockets.

(Lay sod horizontally on a hill to prevent water channel washouts, typically lay the sod parallel to the street.)

2. Stagger the next row.

-Lay sod in a brick pattern to prevent water channel washouts.

3. Cut Edges And Sprinkler Heads.

-Use a sod knife or linoleum knife to cut out over lapped edges and around sprinkler heads.

4. Walk Edges.

-Walk the seams or if you have a roller, roll the new sod to make sure all the edges are in contact with the soil beneath.


– soak the new sod until the soil beneath becomes completely saturated but not muddy. For the first two weeks water at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. for 10 – 15 minuets per interval. After the sod takes root cut back on watering gradually until a regular watering schedule takes place.



Sod should be laid within 24 hours of delivery.  Normally sod on the pallet should never be watered.  In dry weather you can sprinkle it lightly on the pallet just before installation.  Lay the sod with the seams tight together, (not overlapping) with no air pockets.  Water immediately after laying until the sod and the soil beneath becomes completely saturated.  Water several times daily for the first 14 days, keeping the ground moist.  We recommend day time watering only for the first two weeks.  10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m., works very will.  If hot dry winds happen during the day, you might need to increase watering times by adding one additional watering time in the evening when the wind slows.  On cool, cloudy and rainy days water times or amounts might need to be reduced.  Once the sod has attached to the soil below (12 to 21 days) gradually reduce the frequency and amount of water to a regular watering schedule.  Water 3-4 times a week depending on the weather. This in turn will help the roots to grow deep making your sod more drought resistant.  It will also help reduce the chance of disease.  In the winter months water your grass at least twice a month to prevent winter kill.  Start mowing your grass approximately 7-10 days after installation, at a height of 2″.  Watering immediately after mowing helps to seal the leaves reducing stress on your lawn, leaving a very healthy result.


Old lawn areas should be treated with proper chemicals to control any previous problems from grubs, insect, or fungus before laying new sod.  We recommend you spray your grass at least once or twice a year with a suitable fungicide to control diseases.  Over fertilization (including organic) is very detrimental to the root system and will void all warranties.  Do not plant sod in areas that have large trees, such as elms, as their root system often will adhere to the sod and kill it.  In areas such as this, let us give you special recommendations.


We guarantee our sod to take root to your soil if the above stated conditions are followed.  Once your sod roots to your soil our guarantee expires.  *Our guarantee is limited to the replacement of sod at the Depot. (Customer must pick up sod or pay for delivery).  *All sod purchased after October 15 (end of growing season) through March 15, carries NO WARRANTEE of any kind.  There is NO guarantee on the sod without an in ground sprinkler system…  Your sod could die if not watered properly.